9 new quality goals for nursing homes unveiled by initiative

Nursing homes participating in a new initiative may gain competitive advantages, organizers say. In the process, they could collect data helpful in establishing uniform national standards and evidence-based best practices. Read More »

Remote patient-monitoring technology still faces reimbursement roadblock

Device improvements as well as changes in government incentives, nursing staffing levels and the size of the senior population will lead to greater adoption of telemedicine in long-term care, but reimbursement remains a challenge for now. Read More »

Infection prevention

AMDA-Dedicated to Long Term Care Medicine (formerly the American Medical Directors Association) recently updated its “Common Infections in the Read More »

Honey: An old or new remedy?

Although used by the ancient Greeks and Romans, researchers are only beginning to understand the healing properties of honey. More recently, Read More »

Advancing Excellence in Pain Assessment (Part 2)

Click here for Part 1 of Advancing Excellence in Pain AssessmentScreening  Screening all residents for pain is the baseline step in the Read More »

Advancing Excellence in Pain Assessment (Part 1)

Every resident has the right to be pain free and this can only be accomplished through an effective pain management program. Every long-term care Read More »

Upgrading Respiratory Services

Upgrading Respiratory Servicesby the staff of The Silvercrest Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation, Briarwood, New York   Mechanical ventilation Read More »

Butterflies are Free: One Nursing Home’s End

< b>BY THE STAFF ASSOCIATES AT LIFE CARE CENTER OF SARASOTA, SARASOTA, FLAAs fellow leaders of quality skilled nursing facilities, Read More »

An All-Out Attack on Falls

Our falls-prevention program began in 1998 and has progressed and grown over the years. We performed an intense review and revision of the program Read More »

2002 Optima Award Winner – The Safety Program: Sunset for Sundowning

Adapted from the submission by Bortz Health Care of Traverse City, Traverse City, Michigan; written by Debra Hagerty, BS, BSN, MSN, SW, Director of Read More »

2001 OPTIMA Award: Developing an On-Site Dialysis Treatment Center

Developing an On-Site Dialysis Treatment Center. Adapted from the submission by the Glengariff Health Care Center, Glen Cove, New York. Read More »