9 new quality goals for nursing homes unveiled by initiative

Nursing homes participating in a new initiative may gain competitive advantages, organizers say. In the process, they could collect data helpful in establishing uniform national standards and evidence-based best practices. Read More »

5 keys to finding and retaining resident-centered employees

Discovering candidates' internal motivators underlies success in the hunt for passionate employees whose work ethic meshes with the goals of your organization. Read More »

One-on-one with…Robert Van Dyk

From medical-model nursing homes to the advent of Medicare/Medicaid to the adoption of the ACA and beyond, caring for our seniors has been a constantly evolving mission and challenge. Read More »

Nurse delegation in LTC and assisted living

Nurses in today's LTC and assisted living settings act in a variety of roles, both clinical and nonclinical. Nurses assist with or administer Read More »

High five for LTC part 3: Laughter and compassion

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High five for LTC part 2: Love and passion

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High five for long-term care

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Mather Pavilion’s Culture of Leadership

2010 OPTIMA Award proudly sponsored by Since 1996, Long-Term Read More »

Creating “Choice” Environments

Creating 'Choice' Environmentsby the staff of Lancaster Health Group, Chicago, Illinois   One of the most difficult decisions family members must Read More »

Butterflies are Free: One Nursing Home’s End

< b>BY THE STAFF ASSOCIATES AT LIFE CARE CENTER OF SARASOTA, SARASOTA, FLAAs fellow leaders of quality skilled nursing facilities, Read More »