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Assisted Living 2.0

As more seniors age in place, the assisted living model undergoes a substantial redesign to meet the needs of the coming Baby Boomer generation and the increasing need for memory care. Read More »

Assisted living rate pricing: Impacts on margin

Are you over- or undercharging residents for living in your assisted living facility? Two industry experts offer advice oncapturing variable costs to achieve bottom-line objectives. Read More »

5 keys to finding and retaining resident-centered employees

Discovering candidates' internal motivators underlies success in the hunt for passionate employees whose work ethic meshes with the goals of your organization. Read More »

How to reposition dated LTC assets

As the long-term care industry takes on more business in short-term rehabilitation and new expectations from the baby boomer generation, many facilities are finding themselves forced to renovate their buildings and their operations to keep up with the market changes.  Read More »

What President Obama’s re-election means for the future of long-term care

The votes are in: The Obama Administration now has four more years to further the healthcare initiatives begun under the 2010 Affordable Care Act. So, what happens next? Long-term care leaders, providers and industry experts weigh in on the implications of President Obama's reelection for the U.S. healthcare system and, specifically, the LTC industry. Read More »

The laundry room: Room for savings?

A facility laundry incurs many expenses--labor, equipment, energy and more--that factor into the costs of operation. Investing in new equipment and attention to detail can pay off. Read More »

Senior housing providers branch into at-home care models

With more Americans considering staying at home in their elder years instead of moving to a retirement community, many senior living providers are experimenting with alternative service models, including innovative programming and service partnerships. Read More »

Implementing family-style dining

There are many ways to bring food to the table. Family-style dining encourages socialization, better nutritional intake and an improved quality of life for residents. Get staff on board to make this mealtime method a success. Read More »

LTC leaders analyze impacts of ACA decision

Leaders digest: So the ACA stays. What now? Long-Term Living’s editors speak with leaders in the long-term and post-acute care industry the day the Supreme Court decision is announced. Read More »

Supreme Court upholds Affordable Care Act

BREAKING NEWS: Supreme Court has decided the Affordable Care Act will stay in place. The majority voted to keep individual mandate and the right for Congress to offer funding for state reform programs. Read More »

How to cut LTC transportation costs

In addition to managing your transportation operation more efficiently and less expensively, consider such options as subcontracting and turning your vehicles into revenue generators. Read More »

Nurse delegation in LTC and assisted living

Nurses in today's LTC and assisted living settings act in a variety of roles, both clinical and nonclinical. Nurses assist with or administer Read More »

Infection prevention

AMDA-Dedicated to Long Term Care Medicine (formerly the American Medical Directors Association) recently updated its “Common Infections in the Read More »

Honey: An old or new remedy?

Although used by the ancient Greeks and Romans, researchers are only beginning to understand the healing properties of honey. More recently, Read More »

High five for LTC part 3: Laughter and compassion

The “High Five for LTC!” are the things that are needed for each of us in this field to get through the day. Thus far we have visited the first three Read More »

High five for LTC part 2: Love and passion

The “High Five for LTC!” are the things that are needed for each of us in this field to get through the day. Last time we looked at #1—Courage. Today Read More »

10 steps to success in the ACO world

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act may prove to be the single most impactful piece of legislation for post-acute care since the Social Read More »

High five for long-term care

I understand that to work in a nursing home takes a special kind of person. It takes someone who can think on their feet and care on the run. Many of Read More »

RAI/MDS process and nurse competencies in culture change

Diane Carter, RN, MSN, CS The MDS 3.0 demands that you focus on resident voice and choice. But the MDS, Care Area Assessments (CAAs), and care Read More »

Welcome to Cybertherapy

Did you know that a staggering 69% of the world's almost seven billion people play video games where players of all ages enter a virtual environment Read More »

Evidence-based design for dementia

There is growing evidence that the design of the built environment, by itself and in combination with organizational policies and procedures, has a Read More »

Avoiding relocation stress

Hurricane Katrina, a category 5 hurricane at peak strength, made landfall in the Gulf Coast on August 29, 2005. The hurricane caused massive Read More »

Ventas to Acquire Atria Senior Living for $3.1 Billion

CHICAGO—Ventas, Inc., announced last Friday that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire all real estate assets of Atria Senior Living Read More »

Kansas Gov. Mark Parkinson named AHCA’s next president

“News is news, but what do you do about it?”Turn to LTL for depth, analysis, perspective. WASHINGTON, D.C.-The American Health Care Association Read More »

24-hour dining feeds culture change

Since 1996, Long-Term Living has been honoring long-term care facilities that are proactive with programs that go “above and beyond” routine care Read More »

Advancing Excellence in Pain Assessment (Part 2)

Click here for Part 1 of Advancing Excellence in Pain AssessmentScreening  Screening all residents for pain is the baseline step in the Read More »

Advancing Excellence in Pain Assessment (Part 1)

Every resident has the right to be pain free and this can only be accomplished through an effective pain management program. Every long-term care Read More »

“Empower With Choice”

Effective January 1, 2007, we were mandated by the state of Florida to increase CNA staffing to a ratio of 2:9. Like many others across the state, Read More »

On the airwaves

Greenspring staff and residents with their Telly Awards. Front row (from left): Julie Reid, Channel 6 lead coordinator; Diane G. Havinga, Read More »

Tying the Hardest Knot: Creating and Sustaining a Culture of Hospitality

Tying the Hardest Knot: Creating and Sustaining a Culture of Hospitalityby the staff of by the staff of Glen Cove Center for Nursing and Read More »